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This blog is dedicated to all things data quality. We'll discuss why quality is critical for your business and how you can enhance it using automated tools. Learn from our experiences and make data quality your priority.


From Quick Fixes to Long-Term Success

Many organizations grapple with scaling homegrown data quality solutions that have limitations in metric tracking, communication, and scalability. This article proposes transitioning from these short-term tactics to a strategic, long-term approach using platforms like Mesoica's for improved data quality management.


Small data, big problems

This post explains the impact of small data on data-intensive processes, and the challenges associated with common data containers used to exchange and process data such as Excel, PDFs, CSVs, and JSON/XML files. The author concludes that small data is a common problem in many organizations and a structured approach to dealing with it is not widespread.


Key process steps in data management

Data management follows four steps: Collection, from diverse sources; Validation, for quality assurance; Preparation, for user-specific needs; and Delivery, ensuring secure and efficient data transfer. Read on to learn more and unlock the power of effective data management!


Real world effective data management

Data mismanagement in financial institutions leads to operational inefficiencies and security issues. Traditional systems lack the required agility, causing reliance on insecure methods like email and Excel. A structured approach to data handling and continuous improvement is needed to bridge this gap.

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