Simplify, organize, excel: Introducing our smart inbox

Impact of manual data processing
Impact of manual data processing


In an organization's quest for digital transformation and a data-driven culture, the lifeblood of progress lies in high-quality data. However, over 80% of data is contained in emails, PDFs or Excel sheets, severely limiting its accessibility and utility.

Data permeates the organization through a multitude channels—email attachments, downloads from portals with labyrinthine authorization mechanism, and convoluted data dumps from other organizational entities. This diversity of entry points creates a maze of inefficiency and poses a significant challenge in harnessing the full potential of incoming data.

Complicating matters further is a patchwork of processes and ad-hoc method often reliant on individual expertise. In this tangled web of information flow, critical insights are often locked within the confines of people's minds, making them vulnerable to departures or disruptions, in other words significant key person risk.

As we've described before the typical steps that this kind of data goes through in an organization are:

Key process steps in document processing
Key process steps in document processing

In this article we dive deeper into the Receive step.

The solution

Automated triage of incoming data
Automated triage of incoming data

Enter the Mesoica smart inbox —the critical layer between the deluge of incoming data streams and the waiting systems and teams within your business. It acts as a gateway ensuring that each piece of received information is triaged and seamlessly directed towards the correct downstream processing workflow.

The essence of our smart inbox lies in its dual role —it functions as both a catching mitt and a funnel, designed for intelligent capturing and channeling of data.

At its core, accessibility is the key ingredient. We've engineered a seamless experience, ensuring that sending data into this intelligent inbox is as effortless as it gets. Whether it's through manual uploads, the simplicity of sending an email —where our system unpacks the contents—, the convenience of linking remote storage accounts, and even the integration capabilities offered by our API, we offer multiple pathways for data to effortlessly flow into the smart inbox.

It's more than just a repository though; it's a dynamic gateway designed to accommodate diverse sources of incoming information. This versatility ensures that regardless of the origin, format, or method of submission, our smart inbox captures, organizes, and prepares the data for its downstream journey, where it seamlessly integrates into the correct workflows.


In a nutshell, the challenge of trapped data in emails and files hinders companies aiming for digital progress.

Our smart inbox fixes this, effortlessly gather data from various sources— uploads, emails, remote accounts, and APIs.

The benefits are huge: more automation cuts reliance on specific know-how, slashing risks linked to key people. Plus, it fosters a better workplace vibe by simplifying tasks, reducing stress, and making data use a team effort. In essence, our smart inbox isn't just tech—it's the key to a smoother, safer, and happier workspace.

Mesoica’s data quality platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of today's organizations. By using our platform, you can continuously monitor data, identify trends, flag regressions, and foster communication and collaboration around data. Our platform is built to scale with your organization's growing data quality maturity needs and provide peace of mind. Start your journey towards becoming a truly data-driven organization today. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about how Mesoica can empower your organization to anticipate, prevent, and continuously improve data quality.