Use case

Financial Market Data Management

Manage financial market data such as equities, bonds or futures, and quickly identify and address any suspicious movements. Use our platform to maintain standards and consistency on naming and validation, and check for variations and fluctuations in data over time. Control the quality of your data sources, and enable your team to interact with and assess data for quality and consistency, complete with audit trails and automated data lineage.

Make data-driven workflows actually work

Empower your workflows with Mesoica. Our solution provides unrestricted flexibility to streamline workflows and perform any data action with ease and confidence.

Organized data ingestion
  • Reduce time spent on manual data checks and exceptions management
  • Streamline process and improve communication and collaboration
  • Proactively address potential issues before they become major problems
  • Goodbye to data checking and hello to effective data management

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Frictionless data extraction
  • Everyone has the same understanding of what constitutes good data
  • Continuously monitor data according to data quality rules
  • Make better and data-driven decisions
  • Eliminate confusion, reduce errors, and improve the overall quality of your data

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Automated compliance
  • Increase security, improve compliance and negate the need for manual evidence production
  • Tracks every change made to your data: who, what, where, when
  • Ensures that your data is secure and that your organization is compliant with relevant regulations
  • Rest easy knowing that your data is safe and that you can produce evidence quickly if needed

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Organized data ingestion

A better workflow

Enhance your teams productivity with our smart inbox that optimizes data sharing, collaboration, and feedback, ensuring seamless communication and coordination among your team and external parties.

Say goodbye to shared Outlook folders or SharePoint drives.
Our inbox provides simple and frictionless upload of data. Your data becomes easily findable, organized, and accessible, saving you and your teams time and effort.
No more manual handling of emails and attachments.
Directly capture emails from external parties or internal teams. Attachments are automatically unpacked and processed, streamlining your email management and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
Take automation to the next level
Automate data exchange through seamless integration with popular cloud storage services or SFTP. SOTA Deep learning models recognize and assign data to relevant workflows.

Frictionless data extraction

Say goodbye to copy/paste

Let Mesoica handle data extraction for you. Say goodbye to time-consuming copy/pasting, error fixing, and data preparation. Instead, focus on data quality, review, and analysis to drive better insights and outcomes for your business.

Automatically extract data.
Mesoica utilizes smart algorithms and templates to automatically extract data from documents. Most data points are handled automatically, eliminating manual labor. You and your teams can focus on the exceptions, saving time and reducing errors.
Apply fixes quickly.
With Mesoica's direct integration of data and source documents, you can easily fix extracted data. Say goodbye to tedious manual data corrections and have confidence in the accuracy and integrity of your extracted data.
Superfast onboarding.
Onboarding of new documents and data sources is a breeze with Mesoica's no-code configuration approach. Empower your teams to quickly add new data sources or documents that have not been seen before, without the need for complex coding or technical expertise.

Automated compliance

Robust audit-proof workflows

Build data workflows that will withstand any audit and control framework. Eliminate manual work in approval, signoff, and evidence production processes.

Review and signoff.
Create workflows with approval and proofing steps, ensuring thorough review and signoff processes for data integrity
Require 4 eyes.
Process data automically or apply policies for signoff. Rest assured no data will pass unchecked and processes remain compliant.
Automated audit trail.
Streamline compliance with systematic approval workflows that eliminate the need for manual evidence production, ensuring adherence to any control framework.

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