Mesoica to exhibit at Big Data Expo in Utrecht, NL


We're excited to announce that Mesoica will be participating in this year's Big Data Expo, the #1 data event of the year, held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This event offers a unique platform for data-driven enterprises and those eager to increase their data proficiency. We're eager to connect with the diverse crowd of attendees, showcase our innovative data quality and workflow solutions, and learn from other industry leaders. Please join us to explore the world of data like never before.

Big Data Expo 2023
Big Data Expo 2023

Why Mesoica is participating

At Mesoica, we value opportunities to interact directly with our (potential) customers. The Big Data Expo provides just that - a chance to connect with a large crowd whose data challenges align with our offerings. It's a unique venue where all relevant vendors converge, making it an excellent environment for sharing insights, experiences, and the latest trends in data processing and quality control. Plus, the event's location in the Netherlands, a hub for tech innovation, makes it an exciting and strategic platform for showcasing our solutions. We look forward to demonstrating how Mesoica can help businesses unlock the full potential of their data.

Mesoica and the Big Data Expo

Meosica’s SaaS platform directly address the challenges faced by many organizations at the intersection of data and business. Our platform streamlines and automates data quality processes, turning complex data into actionable insights. At the Big Data Expo, our services resonate with the recurring theme of maximizing data value, which is a common goal for all attendees.

We offer automated data checks and alerts, an efficient system for managing issues and incidents, and a smart data inbox for seamless data sharing and collaboration. We will be showcasing these features, along with our powerful unstructured data ingestion pipeline.

Moreover, our platform's ability to support specific industry workflows will be of particular interest to the Expo's broad audience. From fund administration and real estate to ESG challenges, our solutions are built to maximally support organizations in their data-driven journey. Through our participation in the Expo, we aim to demonstrate how our tools can transform (unstructured) data into a valuable asset, leading to informed decisions, automation and overall a higher degree of success.

Come visit us at booth 174

We invite you to join us at the Big Data Expo and take a closer look at how Mesoica can revolutionize your data processes. You will find us ready and eager to share our insights, demonstrate our tools, and discuss how our solutions can be tailored to your specific needs.

Don't miss this chance to dive into the world of data, network with industry professionals, and discover the latest trends and tools in data management. Join us at our booth (#174), share your data challenges, and let's brainstorm solutions together. We look forward to seeing you at the Big Data Expo in the Netherlands!

Mesoica on the list of exhibitors

Mesoica’s data quality platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of today's organizations. By using our platform, you can continuously monitor data, identify trends, flag regressions, and foster communication and collaboration around data. Our platform is built to scale with your organization's growing data quality maturity needs and provide peace of mind. Start your journey towards becoming a truly data-driven organization today. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about how Mesoica can empower your organization to anticipate, prevent, and continuously improve data quality.