Shedding the Paper Weight, Rethinking Document Processing


The investment management industry has a problem. Much of the important data on Alternative Investments is sent out in emails, stuck in hard-to-use portals, or trapped in PDF documents. This makes it hard to use that data for key tasks like risk management, portfolio analysis, and reporting to clients or regulators. There's a real need for better ways to handle and use this information.

Indeed, many firms are buried under heaps of alternative investment documents. Beyond just storing them, often the goal is to extract meaningful insights efficiently. Data must be accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive to meet client demands. Old methods of manually analyzing and moving data have become a roadblock, leading to inefficiencies and operational risk.

Given these challenges, it's clear that sticking to old ways won't cut it. There's a growing need for smart and automated solutions in the industry. In this post, we'll dive into how we at Mesoica are rethinking document processing and making this a core component of our data quality and automation platform. We are launching this functionality officially soon, so stay tuned for updates.

Challenges faced by investment firms

The investment management sector has the primary goal of managing and growing wealth. Sadly yet it encounters several challenges:

Many investment firms possess vast portfolios filled with diverse alternative investments. Reporting on these investments is often done through PDF documents. Extracting key insights from these artefacts becomes a significant task, especially when data spans various document formats, sources, or languages. Organizing and parsing this data in a timely manner is crucial.

Unfortunately, traditional manual methods introduce mistakes or delays. Ensuring this data is accurate, timely, and comprehensive for client reports poses a constant challenge. Responding to market changes and risk is impossible when relying on outdated manual systems, consuming more time and resources than should be necessary.

Although each industry segment faces unique problems, a shared theme emerges: the pressing need for getting rid of risky and inefficient manual processes when dealing with alternative investment data. As the amount of data grows and the demand for quick, accurate insights escalates, it's evident that an advanced and automated approach to document management in finance is indispensable.

What is smart document processing?

Document processing in investment management is tedious and risky business. Automating this process not only saves time but also provides better access to data, supports company growth and reduces risk. While individual process steps in document processing seem straightforward, scaling and automating these can be tricky.

Key process steps in document processing
Key process steps in document processing

At Mesoica, we’re crafting a streamlined data quality and automation system, which is already being used by customers in production. Here's a closer look at how we are incorporating document processing into our platform and how each processing step works:

Receive - Documents arrive through email, bulk uploads or API / portal connections. Mesoica's smart, AI powered, inbox quickly identifies and routes each one to its specific workflow. This ensures every piece of data is directed to the right processing paths correctly from the outset.

Capture - Instead of manual data entry, Mesoica's algorithms automatically extract the needed information from the document. This not only makes things faster but also more accurate.

Validate - Once the data is captured, it's checked for accuracy. Mesoica performs automated data validation checks to catch any issues, making sure the data is correct and consistent.

Sign Of - We believe in a mix of automation and human judgment. That's why, after the automated checks, there's a human review stage. Configurable sign off policies ensure that both documents and data are thoroughly checked and comply with any effective audit controls (e.g. 2- or 4-eye checks).

Export - Finally, the processed data is ready to move on. Mesoica makes it easy to send this data wherever it needs to go, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any system or platform.

At its core Mesoica's combines the best of automation and human review. Whether you're dealing with the data-rich world of institutional investors or the detailed reports of wealth managers, Mesoica is designed to excel at every stage. Our smart document processing approach automates the most time-consuming manual alternative investment processes, allows to gain deeper access to their data, and scale their firms for sustainable growth. Document processing consists of a couple of in it self simple steps  however, automating and scaling has provided challenging.


Handling the large amount of paperwork related to alternative investments has been a big challenge for many in the business. Large investors deal with a lot of data, while wealth managers need to report things just right. The industry needs a solution that works well and is dependable.

Smart automated solutions can change the way we work, make things more accurate, and give businesses the tools to stay ahead in a changing world.

Mesoica's approach to document processing combines smart AI technology with humans-in-the-loop for exceptions and sign-off. In a business where getting the data right is crucial, using tools like this isn't just a smart choice — it's necessary. It simply means a better, more streamlined and, importantly, a safer way of working for operations teams in investment management.

Stay tuned for updates on the release of this new module and customer use cases!

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