Mesoica's ISO 27001 Journey: Bolstering Trust, Simplifying Partnerships

ISO 27001 Logo
ISO 27001 Logo

Have we got news for you!

As of today, 15 December 2023, we are ISO 27001 compliant and we received our certificate!

This achievement is not merely a gold star or a symbol of recognition; rather, it represents our commitment to maintaining the highest level of security and privacy for our clients. With this shiny new certification, we can assure our clients that their sensitive data is in safe hands.

Why ISO 27001 Matters

Solidifies what we do best: At Mesoica, we pride ourselves on doing things in a sensible, repeatable and automated manner. We have implemented various best practices throughout our software development develop and service delivery processes to ensure that we consistently deliver good results.

Some examples of these innovative practices include the implementation of fully automated test suites, which help ensure the quality and reliability of the software through automated testing processes. Additionally, we benefit from automated builds, which streamline the development process and make it more efficient. Infrastructure as code, enables us to manage infrastructure in a programmatic and automated manner, resulting in increased scalability and reduced manual efforts. Lastly, automated software deployments play a crucial role in accelerating the release of software updates and new features, allowing us to quickly respond to client demands.

Client satisfaction and streamlined operations: ISO 27001 isn’t just an internal achievement; it's a music to our clients' ears. It’s the solution to eliminating “exceptions” in their compliance and contract management departments. Large firms sometimes find it difficult to do business with smaller innovative startups lik us achieving ISO compliance alleviates a lot of this.

Working with a certified provider, like Mesoica, automatically ticks a lot of boxes and inspires confidence that we have got our act together. It ensures that the necessary expertise and professionalism are in place to handle their specific requirements.

Collaborating with us leads to enhanced efficiency, improved quality, and streamlined processes, ultimately resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction

Elevating our data game: ISO 27001 isn’t merely a feather in our cap; it’s the whole picture, it establishes our credibility in the data sphere. It signifies our commitment to playing the game by the rules and showcasing our seriousness in securing data and bulding a company on strong foundations.

Rapid data quality enhancement

Amidst well-earned the celebrations, Mesoica doesn't hit pause; we continue to build! We excel at rapidly improving data quality through streamlined automated checks and early warnings, avoiding complex setups. In the data sphere, speed is pivotal, and we're leading the race, leveraging our unmatched pace to outshine the competition.

Concluding thoughts

ISO 27001 is more than a checkbox; it's our pledge—to ourselves, our clients, and everyone in the industry. It’s a stamp declaring, “Mesoica’s a contender, and we play by the rules!”

Mesoica’s data quality platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of today's organizations. By using our platform, you can continuously monitor data, identify trends, flag regressions, and foster communication and collaboration around data. Our platform is built to scale with your organization's growing data quality maturity needs and provide peace of mind. Start your journey towards becoming a truly data-driven organization today. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about how Mesoica can empower your organization to anticipate, prevent, and continuously improve data quality.