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Sharing data with external partners is essential for collaboration, innovation, and competitive advantage. However, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of outgoing datasets is critical to maintain trust and prevent data breaches. That's where Mesoica's data egress module comes in.

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Confidently Monitor and Approve Outgoing Datasets
Mesoica's data egress module provides a centralized platform to oversee and approve outgoing datasets. Our real-time monitoring capabilities allow you to track data flows, identify potential issues, and ensure that only accurate and complete data is shared with external partners.
Ensure Data Accuracy with Robust Validation and Repair
Our in-flight validation process ensures that your data meets the highest quality standards before it leaves your system. Our configurable rules detect anomalies, inconsistencies, and missing values, and our repair tools automatically correct errors. You also gain real-time data quality insights and reconciliation tools to identify and resolve discrepancies.
Enhance and Restructure Data for Effective Collaboration
Our data egress module empowers you to enhance and restructure your data to make it more valuable and usable for external partners. Our transformation processes can handle complex data structures and perform advanced data cleaning, enrichment, and normalization tasks.
Deliver Data Seamlessly Through Multiple Channels
The data egress module facilitates data delivery through multiple channels, including S3, portals, email, SFTP, and REST APIs. This ensures that your data is accessible and easy to use for external partners, enabling efficient collaboration and data exchange.

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